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About the Artist

Meet the nerd behind the art

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omg who is she?

Molly began making art long before she was any good at it. Throughout her young life, she doodled really horrible manga in her notebooks. She made bad saucy Harry Potter comics. She sketched portraits of classmates and subsequently apologized ("I swear you don't really look like this."). She didn't have a lot of shame. In college, she got less cringey by spending a semester in Florence studying fresco painting, illustration, and etching. 

By some miracle, Molly became a professional. She illustrated a guidebook for the improv comedy group Dorks in Dungeons, had her work featured at the Gallery at 100 Market in Portsmouth, NH, and fostered a career in graphic design. She has painted sets, drawn event posters, and made logos for a variety of businesses. In 2015, Molly began selling her fanart at Artist Alleys across the Northeast and Canada, officially establishing her brand. You can purchase her original coloring books on Amazon.

For the past few years, Molly was on hiatus from studio art to write her debut novel, A Light From the Nether, which will be published in late 2024. It's about mind parasites and the man who exterminates them. She hopes you'll check it out.

Molly lives on the New Hampshire Seacoast with her husband and a butt-ton of houseplants and pets. She enjoys performing improv with Dorks in Dungeons, gaming in all its forms, and travel. Her favorite Pokémon is Mantine ... or maybe sometimes Pumpkaboo.

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