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  • Do you take commissions?
    Most of the time, I unfortunately do not take commissions. Exceptions will be announced on the news page and on my Instagram. If they happen, I'd wager it's probably around the holiday season. I'm more likely to take a commission if it's within my wheelhouse. Asking for something from Pokemon, Nintendo, and Totoro, et all, will get you a long way.
  • Will you be at a con any time soon?
    The plan is to start doing artist alleys again in 2024. If I can, I'll also be sure to attend HalCon every year to perform, and bring a little art with me too.
  • Will you be making more merch for Dorks in Dungeons?
    Yes! For those of you who attended Hal-con this year, you will have seen my newest limited edition print. There will be more to come, for sure. Keep an eye on our merch table and our Instagram for updates.
  • Where can I read your book?
    A Light From the Nether will be published late 2024 and I'll announce the release date across my platforms. It will be available for pre-purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a number of other retailers. (Eeee I can't wait!)
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